Led dance floor prices cork

Led dance floor prices cork

Led dance floor prices cork

Led dance floor prices cork


Will depend on the size you would require, venue, colour and date.

All the new dance floor companies who have popped up in the past few months have agreed to price match with us or may charge €50 – €100 extra as they need staff.

We have been specializing in led dance floors for the past 5 years along with servicing and maintaining most of the floors in cork.


Our floors are fire safety tested , P.A.T, Certifed CC & CE,risk assed, anti slip rested, Fully insured  product and public liability and serviced every 2-3 weeks

At ace can provide 4 different types of led dance floors which come in white, black, pinstripe or new zip zap as featured above.

our floors start from €250 for a 12 x 12 which is suited for a small venues such as birthday parties in a bar.

an average floor for weddings are 16 x 16 – 20 x 20 white or black which are priced from €350-€450

finally the most expensive floor we can provide are for huge functions which is 30 foot x 36 foot black and white pinstripe this is priced @ €700

Please note we only travel to 15 hotels in cork and 10 bars with our floors but we will be more than happy to give you contacting details of companies located in cork who will travel across Ireland.

We hope this blog helps you if you have any more questions or looking for advice feel free to contact us on 0858146367 if we can talk provide it we can put you in the correct direction